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How to use HTTP Checker tool?

This tool is useful for monitoring web sites to test whether an URL is reachable across the Internet. If web site is alive, NetStat Agent will show a status code returned from server. Usually, it is HTTP code "200 OK". The program shows an IP address of server, country, uptime and the time when the last response from server was received.

http monitoring

To use this tool you must enter the following data: the URL of web site you want to check, select the time period and the type query. enter an IP address or hostname and click Trace button. To control packets, the following options are available:

  • URL - the URL of web site you want to check; must be without "http" and "www" prefix. For example: flexbyte.com/index.htm
  • Period - the time period (in minutes) between sending HTTP request.
  • Query - the type of query: GET or POST.
  • Post - the HTTP data; available only for POST query. Each parameter must be per line. For example: you have the POST data: "param1=1¶m2=2". This means at the first line must be "param1=1" and the second line must be "param2=2".

When you enter the data, you can press Add button to add the URL to the monitoring list. If you want to remove sites from the list, just select unwanted sites and press Delete button.

The status bar displays the current status of tool.

The context menu has the following commands:

  • Start - starts HTTP monitoring.
  • Pause - pauses HTTP monitoring.
  • Stop - stops HTTP monitoring.
  • Reset Uptime - resets the uptime counter.
  • Check Url - check the selected url by sending HTTP request.
  • Copy - copies selected item to the clipboard.
  • Send Dest.IP to - sends the remote IP to Ping, Tracert or Whois.